Pediatric Emergency Wards Are Really Better for Children

We live a few blocks from the hospital, so I was surprised when our pediatrician told me, sitting in the office with a newborn, that if our toddler ever had to go to the emergency room, most of the time we had to go through it correctly. up and go to Children’s. In a serious emergency such as stopping the bleeding, they told us that it is better to get closer, but anytime you have a choice, it is best to find an ambulance that knows how to handle children.

Pediatric emergency departments have pediatric versions of appropriate equipment and pediatric drug doses. The people who work there are also better able to recognize symptoms and complications that manifest themselves differently in children than in adults. The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that children are more likely to survive when they are treated in a pediatric hospital than one that is not well equipped to treat children. It matters.

An app like FindERNow can help you see how prepared your local hospital is for pediatrics, or better yet, ask your pediatrician which local hospital they would recommend in case of an emergency.


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