One Weird Karaoke Murder Trick

If you don’t like karaoke, you will soon. The next time you get pulled into an adult chant, you can destroy the house with one trick: sing the Weird Al version instead.

  1. Pick a Weird Al song that you know well enough.
  2. (If you don’t know the Weird Al song, wow. Learn it.)
  3. Bring up the lyrics to your phone, just in case.
  4. Play the original song.
  5. Sing Weird Al lyrics instead.

Whatever Weird Al parody you choose, you ‘ll find the original on the karaoke menu. Al doesn’t parody deep cuts. And since Al is very careful in his songwriting, the lyrics of the parodies go well with the original. This is why his songs are so easy to remember.

The right friends will sing along with you. They will be so proud of knowing the words. You will create an unbreakable bond.

I prefer to do this trick without warning, which pays off as a surprise, but the effect can be ruined if people start singing the original lyrics before you do this disclosure. Before the song begins, decide if they need to shut up by using the vague expression, “I’ll try something else.”

Go and spread the Weird Al gospel around the world. Wish you live in an Amish paradise.


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