Best Blogs to Check Out During Your Lunch Break

Lunch time. (Somewhere.) You are eating alone, with a phone or a computer in a company. And you don’t want to make full use of social media. You want a good blog with frequent updates, ideally one that contains links to fun (and sometimes educational) material on the Internet. Here are the best ones.

Sad lunch break

Sad Lunch Break is a simple blog with personal links. Some of the links are videos, likeLizzo’s tiny tabletop concert or thebirth of atadpole . Some of them are articles, such as the oral history of Hampsterdance, or detailed descriptions of why milk is the official drink of each state . Some of them are descriptive, like photoshopped cats or journalistic comics about plastic waste . Some of them are sound links, like a game scatterplot of all musical genres . Some of them are interactive, like a really hard game where you try to be random .

The blog is periodically updated, but recently a new post appears every day.

Coudal Partners

The front page of the interactive studio Coudal Partners has a blog with thin links in the middle. Recent references include “a humble typographer with duct tape on the Tokyo subway,” atrailer for the Parasite movie , and temporary embroidery-like tattoos .

There is a new post every couple of days. Go to the second page to see more links and archives sorted by category on the right.

Boeing boeing

Boing Boing , the forefather of blogging, posts several times a day. It’s a bit more like a “normal” full-length blog that talks about the history of Tetris fragment randomizers , great video game soundtracks , guidelines for using a particular pencil, and an app that Hong Kong protesters are using to avoid data interception.

Andy Bayo, co-founder of XOXO Festival , periodically posts links to , with particular attention to the interests of technical nerds. Recent links include the Silicon Valley satirical glossary , the 8chan founder’s profile, and an ever-evolving crowdsourced music video .

Ryan Broderick’s Entertainment Blog at Cool Time

Ryan Broderick’s Tumblr is special here, “the best of Tumblr”, which basically reblogs funny Tumblr posts and topics. The upside is that it’s pretty much all funny shit, no depression or big news, and if you’re not very online, you haven’t seen much of it elsewhere.

Posts include Mind Magic on TikTok, a Philip Glass soundtrack , a Tumblr chat that accidentally reinterprets one of Wittgenstein’s theories , a Bugs Bunny vs. Thanos fanfiction , a furious debate over Christ’s metatext images in VeggieTales, and the worst game setting of all time .


The MetaFilter Forum , which is already 20 years old, is a kind of social network , but you can also call it a group blog with a very large group of posts. Every day, about a dozen posts with bias in the humanities are received from different users. Recent posts have links to 19th-century hippopotamus photos , Alex Trebek’s statement board , Timberlake / Tame Impala hybrid , a blog full of fake video game screenshots , a list of rock legends likely to die in the next few years . There are also many links to news.

You may notice a lot of overlap in what these blogs cover as certain stories, memes and attacks of the time are spreading across the Internet. This way, you can choose the blog that you like the most or that has the least links that will distract you from your lunch.


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