Tell Us About Your Worst Technical Issues

Every week, we publish a Tech 911 column that aims to answer one of your hottest technical questions and provide as many helpful answers as possible. The column depends on your contribution, and our inbox is running out a bit, so it’s time for you to join!

Usually I ask all readers to send in their questions Lifehacker in technical support 911 directly to me . You can still. I’m not against. I’m also going to open the gateways and say that if you have any technology-related curiosities, feel free to leave them as comments on this post if it’s more convenient.

What makes a good 911 tech support question? Anything. Seriously. If it has something to do with technology, I’ll think about it. This includes problems you experience with your devices – random crashes, strange noises, and weird slowdowns – as well as requests like “I want to do something and don’t know where to start.” You can also ask for buying advice if you are looking to purchase a shiny new product. And I’ll be happy to help you customize everything you’ve purchased in case you need a little extra help.

Basically, when it comes to technology, it’s fair play. The only emails I probably won’t cover very often are not very frequent emails I get when one person finds porn on a loved one’s computer or smartphone and swears they have no idea how it got there. If I wrote a column every time I receive such an email, I would be covered until 2021 (a detailed list of porn sites usually does not magically appear in anyone’s history. Perform a malware scan, get an ad blocker and have an open dialogue with the owner device.)

This is my pitch. Tell me about your technical problems and I will answer them.


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