Use the 100x Method Only for Launching Worthwhile Projects

“The most successful things I’ve done have one thing in common: I’ve done them at least 100 times,” says writer Josh Spector. He turned this observation into a principle: if you want to start a project, do 100 iterations , but you can.

If you start blogging, write 100 posts. If you’re starting a band, write 100 songs. If you’re starting a less episodic project, like a book, commit to writing 100 pages before even considering quitting smoking – or writing 100 days in a row, or reporting to 100 agents. The goal can vary widely. The matter is twofold.

First, Spektor says, it will help you get past “slump,” the inevitable slump when you feel stuck, bored, or frustrated, or when your project is not progressing as you hoped. This fall may come early, and you may abandon a project that is about to change. By committing to work after failure, at least until you get to issue 100, page, picture, or whatever, you will avoid exiting prematurely.

Second, it sets a goal that is under your control. Don’t get involved with your project until it has 100 readers, or subscribers, or whatever the world can provide you with. Choose a goal based on the results. Not 100 sales, but 100 promotional presentations. Not 100 acceptance letters, but 100 applications. When you hit your target, then look at the feedback and see if it’s time to quit smoking. If you’ve applied 100 times and haven’t come up with anything, then you might decide this isn’t for you. That’s when you know you did the best you could.

For most projects, 100 is a very daunting number. Okay. Let this stop you from starting any long term projects that you are too afraid to do 100 times. Instead, make something really short. Or, don’t do anything new and go back to a project that was abandoned after five iterations because it didn’t bring immediate success, even if you remember it fondly every day.

Unless your problem is that you are not running enough projects, then congratulations! Start something and don’t worry about it! Tell us your secret!

Do this only if you want to do it 100 times | For those interested


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