Smartphones Don’t Spoil Your Eyes

Blue light from smartphones can interfere with your sleep, but there is no evidence that it blinds you, despite advertisements and sometimes headlines implying it.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently put it this way: ” No, the blue light from your smartphone is not dazzling . It was in response to a study published this summer that showed that blue light, as well as a chemical naturally found in some cells in the eye, can damage cells. The catch: The researchers didn’t use any real cells in our eyes, because our eyes are protected from just this kind of damage. (They studied a non-eye health issue; Verge has more details on the purpose and meaning of the experiment.)

Last year, in the name of another type of research emerged the word “smartphone blindness”, but it refers to a time effect, which can happen if you look at the screen with one eye, leaving the other closed.

Another study, such as the study that sparked the scary headlines above about the “global epidemic” of vision loss , involved rats exposed to excessive amounts of light. In summary, if people who specialize in eye health are not worried, I am not.

The AAO does not even recommend blue blocking glasses or filters because they are not proven to be effective and we do not know what side effects they might have in the long term. They recommend keeping your phone out of bed because the blue light is moor from your sleep , and not looking at the phone for hours on end because it can dry your eyes.


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