Protect Your Data With the Latest Mozilla Tools

Mozilla has made every effort to maintain data security and privacy lately, and we welcome that. Protecting your information from prying eyes (and hacks) should be your focus every time you sign up for a new service or mess around the web. And it’s good to see some good news about browsers and new security initiatives, as opposed to the efforts of other companies lately .

Even though Mozilla’s brand new Firefox Monitor , released yesterday, is just a wrapper for Have I Been Pwned , that’s okay. Both services – a great way to find out if was not broken any of your online accounts : you enter your email address and get a list of related security incidents (and what data had been compromised).

It’s nice to see Have I Been Pwned gaining wider acceptance as many people may be familiar with Firefox but not aware of Have I Been Pwned’s large security database. And whether you’re new or looking for yourself, it’s worth launching Firefox Monitor (or Have I been Pwned, we assume) and typing in your email addresses to check for new ways your data is leaking. web.

More importantly, Mozilla Firefox Monitor joins a fairly complete family of software and services designed to keep your data safe and your online privacy intact. Mozilla does not have the highest score in this regard, thanks to the fact that it once decided to insert strange messages into your browser as part of the cross-promotion of the show Mr. Robot , but many of her suggestions deserve attention:


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