How to Find or Guess Someone’s Email Address

I used to hate junk email until I received unwanted text messages, calls, Twitter messages, Facebook messages, and LinkedIn invitations. Now I think that email is the most polite way to contact a stranger directly. In that vein, I recommend this detailed guide to finding any email address .

Businessperson Timur Daudpota lists several resources such as Hunter and , as well as specific ways to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Slideshare to resolve an address.

He also explains some strategies for defining email formats yourself. For example, he said founding members often use their names, such as, while later employees use their full names, such as

Lifehacker Health editor Beth Skorecki adds another tip: “If your goal is a scientist, doctor, or academic, search Google Scholar. If you find a recent article of which they are a Corresponding Author, their preferred email address is right here. ” This is of great help to scientists who hide their email addresses from their professors in order to hide from random people.

The Most Complete Guide to Finding Someone’s Email | Blurbiz


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