How to Make a Kombucha Flight

When it comes to offbeat flights and mixes, alcohol seems to bring all the fun, but there are plenty of low-potency drinks out there that benefit from a little comparison and juxtaposition.

Flying is good because it makes you think. When the same drinks are drunk in sequence, you can discover and appreciate the nuances of each. Build an interesting, fun and thought-provoking flight. I use what I like to call the “Joel’s Rule of Threes,” which is the rule our senior video producer uses to create his cheese plate (it works with both drinks and cheese).

Basically, you want three drinks that either have one thing in common, or they all differ in the same way. (As for the cheese, it means that all three variants can be made from one and the same animal milk – for example, goat – or they may differ in texture -. Hard, semi-soft, very sticky) If you do a combination of tea mushroom, for example, you can use all the flavors of tropical fruits, or choose three bottles with different flavors, such as one herbal, one fruit and one “weird” like cola. Pour an equal amount of your chosen food into a similar glass container and drink from least to most aromatic. Besides kombucha, there are many drinks that would be fun to fly with:

  • Tea flights. Tea is an especially interesting choice.
  • Hot Cocoa Flying – Try dark, milky and spicy!
  • Carbonated drinks. There are very trendy root beers and ginger beers right now.
  • Milkshake flights – live your best life.
  • Apple cider – season, friends. Try a simple, spiced ginger dish.

If you can drink it, it might be flying. I’ve literally seen flying on the water on the menu, so don’t limit yourself. If you are going on a water flight, at least bring seltzer water. Tasting a seltzer made entirely of grapefruit can be very colorful.


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