Dick’s New Trick to Win Scrabble

Merriam-Webster just updated the official Scrabble dictionary for the first time in four years ( buy it here ), adding a few new words like bizjet (opening with bizjets plural gives you 120 points), plus a few old words that finally count gaming, including OK , ew , zen and qapik . These new words will change the gameplay and may give you a ridiculous new way to win at scrabble for a while.

Two letter words are important. The Merriam-Webster editor tells the Associated Press that they are “the blood of the game,” probably because they help players put together a longer word parallel to another by doubling their result with all of the resulting two-letter perpendicular words. OK and ew are the 102nd and 103rd two-letter words that go into the Scrabble dictionary.

Qapik and qapiks are only the 35th and 36th words of Scrabble with Q and without U – and that is considering all the plurals. Thus, they will also affect the gameplay much more than the newly adopted catchwords like Sheeple, Facepalm, twerk and Puggle.

But these buzzwords offer a great move for casual players: you can convince your opponent to challenge them . Let’s say you have a new edition of the dictionary, but you are acting suspiciously enough when playing twerk or bizjet , and force your opponent to challenge. When your opponent loses a challenge according to the rules, he loses his next move . Good.

After scaring your opponent before challenging, try our other favorite trick: play an inappropriate word. Nothing in the rulebook says you can’t! This is a sanctioned deception! Later, you may admit that you were deceived, but this is not a strategic tool, but simply catharsis.

Right now, you will have to buy a book for all new words as Hasbro hasn’t updated its Scrabble online dictionary yet . Do it quickly before all your opponents of Scrabble read this post. And don’t try to do it in a tournament, you vile prostitute. According to tournament sportsmanship rules , you are not allowed to ask your opponent if he wants to challenge.

Check! Scrabble Dictionary adds OK, Fu to the Official Game | AP


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