Explore the World One Tab at a Time With This Google Earth Extension for Chrome

Google Earth is one of those things I love to experiment with, but never do. This week I came across a Chrome extension that makes this research a little easier.

The Earth view from Google Earth displays a new image from Google Chrome every time you open a new tab. So, whenever you open this new window to check your work email or pay your credit card bill, you’ll see an interesting image first.

The gallery currently contains about 1,500 images, so depending on how many web activities you do each day, you might be looking at new images over the course of several days or months. When you find one that you like, you can download it to use as a desktop for your phone or computer to share with your friends. If you need to get started, you can also view the history of the last 10 tabs you opened to revisit an image that you had to leave too early.

At the very least, this is much more interesting than looking at the Google search page every time you launch a new tab.


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