Choose a Seat at the Back of the Aircraft for the Best Service

Whenever I fly, I always choose an aisle seat near the front of the aircraft, the closest aisle seat to the front of the aircraft that I can find.

My logic behind the choice is that I want to avoid climbing over as many people as I can when getting into my seat, and not be delayed by as few people as possible getting off the plane. It actually makes me sound pretty impatient. Maybe I am.

According to The Independent , my seat selection can negatively impact the quality of service I receive on board.

According to the flight attendant, flight attendants are actually more attentive to passengers who have chosen a seat at the rear of the plane, compared to those who are seated in front. Sure, you might have whatever left over when it comes to your meal plan, but when you need to top up cocaine or some extra help, you’re more likely to grab the attention of the flight attendants. This is partly simply because you are closer to where they sit, prepare food and other things for the flight. But there is another reason: they can help you more confidentially.

“The reason is simple: we like not answering the call from the front of the plane, because answering the call means potentially flaunting any item that the passenger requests in front of everyone else along the way,” she says. “This can be problematic as planes often lack extra vodka, pillows, earplugs and toothbrushes, or time for shorter flights to deviate from service schedules.

“However, passengers sitting in the back of the plane find it much easier to slip away the second mini-bottle of wine,” she wrote.


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