The Best Toy for Kids Could Be a TV Remote.

Babies. You buy them diapers, but they decide to pee on you while changing clothes. You cook them delicious mashed potatoes, but they are most pleased with the fact that they are nibbling on their boogers. You give them beautiful toys, but all they want to play with is the TV remote.

Sometimes you just have to give up.

A deleted thing? This is real. Babies love TV remote controls. But not those infantile replicas of primary color toys that play lullabies when you press massive buttons. No, real TV remotes. They are not fools.

However, you probably don’t want your toddler to fiddle with your own battery-powered device, the one that Netflix gives you. So do what other smart parents do: buy a cheap remote (or several) online.

In Cup of Jo ‘s post on parenting, mom named Samantha shares her advice:

“My one year old child was obsessed with our TV remote. He didn’t fall for the old fake kid’s remote control, so I bought six old remotes from people in the Facebook group. That was the best $ 3 I spent and he still loves toys the most. “

You can find new remotes for about $ 1 each on eBay. Or check your storage boxes to see if you have old ones lying around. Just make sure you clean them thoroughly and check for loose buttons. And don’t forget to leave the batteries and keep an eye on your babies while they play.

Real toys – who needs them?


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