Slice Chicken Salad Using a Pastry Mold

Cooking or baking a whole chicken is essentially cooking 101. A single chicken can make many dishes, and at least one of those dishes must be some kind of chicken salad. Chopping up chicken is not that difficult, but you can simplify the salad making process by using a pastry knife.

Like most tiny hacks, this one was born out of laziness. I wanted some chicken salad, but didn’t want to waste time cutting or shredding every single piece of chicken. A baking cutter – you know one of those things – has multiple blades, allowing you to slice a whole bunch of cooked chicken right in the bowl. Simply add the chicken along with the mayonnaise, dressing and any other condiments and seasonings, mash and stir the chicken with a knife until you get the desired chicken salad consistency. Make a sandwich or eat it with crackers. (As if I need to tell you how to eat chicken salad.)


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