Avoid Updating to IOS 12.1 Beta If You’ve Pre-Ordered the New IPhone XS

If you’ve pre-ordered an iPhone XS or XS Max and tested the iOS 12 beta, you shouldn’t update your device to iOS 12.1. Why not live on the edge? Because there is no iOS 12.1 beta for the iPhone XS or XS Max.

When you receive this shiny new phone in the mail (or after waiting in the worst line in the world at the Apple store), you won’t be able to recover your data from your old iPhone with iOS 12.1 beta as it’s not technically an option for new devices, the user notes. Reddit Matuteg .

The same problem happened this time last year with the iPhone X and iOS 11. Apple eventually posted beta versions for the new phone, so this is not a problem that will probably last for a long time, but it could be a problem if your new iPhone XS or XS Max arrives at 8am and the beta releases aren’t released later in the day. You will have to wait until lunch to play with your new toy.

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 12.1 yet, you can opt out of Apple’s beta testing by tapping Settings , then General , and then Profile . Select a beta profile and click Remove Profile.


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