Now You Can Download 10000 Spotify Songs

Every music streaming service sucks, we already know that . One of the downsides to Spotify is that it limits the number of songs you can download to each device. But the service has just increased the download limit from 3,333 tracks per device to 10,000 per device for five devices. Great news for anyone who needs to cut back on data or use Spotify anywhere with poor cellular reception. You can finally listen to music for which you pay $ 10 a month!

People who still buy their music are laughing now and we can’t blame them. (Even if one day Apple just deletes the media they bought .) With hassles like disappearing music, download restrictions, and interruptions in playback, Spotify and Apple Music constantly remind their users that you are not the owners, but just tenants. If you want complete control over your music, you need to switch back to buying (or stealing) your music .

But buying music is expensive, and stealing music is a ridiculous move. Streaming is also a great way to find new music because it’s free to try something new. But if there is music that you really don’t want to lose, consider buying it – and make sure it’s DRM-free. (Amazon and iTunes sell DRM-free music, but wrap some videos in DRM.) Paying twice for your music would be silly, but would it be as silly as losing everything when you have to unsubscribe, or if Spotify someday run out of money ?

Spotify Takes Down Hate 3,333 Song Download Limit | Rolling stone


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