How to Know If You Are Eligible to Upgrade to a New IPhone

With only a few hours left until the 2018 iPhone lineup, Apple will certainly showcase all sorts of interesting developments. For most of us, it only really matters if we can get it immediately.

You can buy it, of course, but people who have a funding plan for their old phone may be able to upgrade to it using this plan. According to Gadget Hacks, if you’re on a plan that pays a monthly amount to cover costs on, say, an iPhone X, you should be eligible for an upgrade after a month. This is assuming you bought the phone right after it was released – you usually had to pay a full 12 months contract to upgrade.

This may vary depending on who your contract is with, but if it is related to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, you will definitely need 12 months and an AppleCare + payment for the duration of the contract. X owners may have to pay more than those who still pay for previous versions. Here’s how you check with the operators if you are eligible for the program:

Apple: Sign in to the Apple Compliance Program using your Apple ID associated with your current iPhone Updater. You can also just enter your iPhone’s IMEI into the site instead of logging in.

AT&T: Call * 639 # and then follow the link sent to your phone. You can also log into MyAT&T to check your eligibility.

Sprint: Sign in to the Sprint Compliance Checker with your Sprint account information.

T-Mobile: Login to your T-Mobile account online or in the app. If you are eligible for a new phone, the Update button should be visible on it. ( More. )

Verizon: Enter your phone number into the Verizon Update Checker . You will most likely have to enter your Verizon account password in order to proceed. (Message # 874 can also tell you if you can upgrade.)

Another option is to just go to the pre-order page and try to buy it. After you go through all the selection steps and payment method, you can choose the iPhone Upgrade Program or any other funding program offered by your carrier. Look for this before hitting buy, of course, and it will show you if it’s even possible at all. Otherwise, the company will most likely help you figure out what you need to do – they want to sell these phones for as long as you want to buy them.


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