How to Get a Bottle of Water Through Airport Security

One of the biggest inconveniences of air travel is the inability to transport liquids through the security service. After going through a body scanner, you’re likely to get very dry and find that your only liquid refill options are a $ 8 bottle of “fancy” water or a very low (and very low pressure) fountain outside the bathroom.

However, there is a loophole for your precious liquids to pass through airport security. TSA Rule for Liquids “3-1-1” only applies to liquids , not solids . You can freeze your liquids, and as long as they are not slushy, you can move on through the security system ( TSA ‘s own website confirms this.)

You’re probably thinking that this is just a way to smuggle a hard block of ice into the airport that doesn’t quench your thirst at all. Well, yes, it’s true, so I have compiled a list of facts in which this trick is really useful:

  • Fill the bottle halfway before freezing, then add water as soon as you pass the safety check and you now have cold water .
  • Freeze an ice pack and bring a small refrigerator with chilled food to eat on the plane.
  • Freeze the delicious sweet drink and thaw it for a drink on your long plane ride.

There are, of course, things I don’t recommend freezing, like shampoo, hair gel, or peanut butter. So either take less than three ounces of peanut butter with you, or just check it out to your final destination.


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