Get Apple Keynote Bingo Cards for September 2018 Right Here

Be delighted . It’s time for Apple’s bingo. When I was at Lord of Cupertino for the keynote address, we all sat in the conference room to eat donuts, joke through group messages, and cheer on our large team members who were blessed to attend the event. We didn’t play bingo.

However, you can play Apple Bingo from the privacy of your office, cubicle, awful outdoor lounge , bathroom, or wherever you like. And there are some great resources you can use for your Keynote game. Here are our favorites in no particular order.

Option 1: Apple Bingo Card by Lifehacker

Yes, I made an Apple bingo card (lovingly crafted from WWDC Bingo Steijehillewaert ). Don’t print it, but let everyone you know open it in their browsers. All whitespace except for your free space should be randomized unless I messed up the code completely.

If I were trickier, I would askto interfere a little when you win, but at least you can click the squares and see how well you do it. If Tim Cook does not come on stage tomorrow, I apologize in advance.

Option 2:Apple Keynote Bingo

If you don’t like my bingo card or want an even more fully featured one (I tried it!), TryApple Keynote Bingo . It was recently updated for Apple’s September 2018 event – obviously – and it has a ton of different options that will randomly appear on your map. I think this bingo card is even more tricky than mine, which says something. Hope you have new watch bands tomorrow.

Option 3: Apple Bingo – September 2018 event

I really love this bingo card as it allows you to randomly generate a ton of different variations, suggest your own ideas for future cards, and share permalinks to your bingo card with others in case you have a really good card and want to your friends won, too. When you click on the option, even a small Apple logo appears to mark the square.

Option 4: Make your own bingo card

If you don’t like other people’s bingo cards – I won’t take it personally – you can always make your own for tonight’s show. If you don’t mind a little text manipulation, this bingo card generator is a great starting point for your own contribution. If you’re an Excel and Numbers guru, this Reddit user has a great spreadsheet that you can use as a base for a killer map. Grab a coffee, think about the future of Apple’s business, and see how well you do when the event wraps up. Hope you smoke your colleagues.


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