Reddit Says Don’t Skimp on These Kinds of Things.

“What product or service should you NEVER get cheaper?” – asks the redditor Kill_Dr_Phil. Thousands of Redditors have answers. We’ve collected some of the smartest answers.

  • “Anything to protect you,” says She_Likes_Cloth . “Helmets, work shoes, sports equipment, etc.” Shartweekondvd notes that protective work clothing (or any clothing that can only be used for your job and not elsewhere) is tax-free .
  • Garbage bags, says the buccaneer . “Trust me, you don’t want to regret lugging a bag full of rotten food and cat litter into the trash can, trying to throw it over the edge and feel it ripping apart in your hands on the rise.”
  • “Anything that regularly causes minor annoyance,” says Portarossa . And anything, like a spatula, where the decent version is only a few dollars more than the cheapest version.
  • Plus Jellifizzle says, “You can get a 6-month supply of the best cotton tips known to man for $ 3. Why do generics exist at all? “
  • In some categories where you may not yet know which tools you will end up using the most, you should start with the cheapest version of everything and then upgrade to a better version when it bugs or annoys you. Ziapelta recommends this approach for all of your kitchen gadgets, and grumpskin says the same for hardware tools. For example, you may find that you don’t really need good measuring cups, but you do want a high-quality whisk.
  • Tattoos, says the introverted genius . They are forever, so learn a few portfolios, accumulate and (adds Bebiblauoter ) Be ready to travel.
  • “Inspection of the home you buy,” says Notmiefault . “One missed issue can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. It costs a few hundred extra for a truly experienced and thorough inspector. “
  • Don’t skimp on a bra, says Chanshan . And go to the locksmith , says Mrs.beba . “In my experience, Victoria’s Secret installers don’t work well for bras. Go to the old woman at Dillard’s.
  • If you ‘re building your own computer, Fyre2387 explains why you shouldn’t buy a cheap PSU: “If you get cheaper , say, a GPU and it fails, you replace it. If you reduce the cost of your power supply, it can take your entire computer with it when it fails. “
  • It’s the same with cars: always think about components that can destroy other components, for example, any car part that can cause damage to the car. To this end, foshjowler says: “Tires. It’s the only thing that binds your 4000-pound rocket to the ground. ” But, says Hansj3 , it’s better to buy cheap new tires than keep the old ones too long.
  • “As I just found out: (white) wall paint. The cheap product is gray and translucent, ”says Seyche . “And don’t believe them when they say paint includes a primer. I learned this the hard way! ”Says the Wasidaishi .
  • Attorney electric_emu says, “A cheap lawyer is still expensive and can create disorder that requires you to hire a more expensive lawyer to fix it. If you ever doubt the judgment of your lawyer, it is 100% worth seeking advice elsewhere, at least for a second opinion. You don’t have to tell your current lawyer if you choose to stay with him, and many lawyers offer free advice anyway. ” (But check your withholding agreement and state law first.)
  • As a side note, goof_schmoofer_2 suggests that when you hike or hike, you should buy your backpack last – after figuring out how much you need to put in it.

So how can you get cheaper , – asks the walking deer . Some editors replied: Generic drugs, brand-name foods, most wires and cables, and things you’ll definitely only use once. And even if you don’t get cheaper, you don’t always need to buy something expensive. You just need to avoid versions that are so cheap because they barely (or don’t) fulfill their actual function.

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