How to Hack Your Morning With Benjamin Spall From My Morning Routine

In the morning. Many of us hate them; some of us love them; we all want to get the best out of them. But how exactly do you do this? We first ask Benjamin Spall , co-author of My Morning Routine : How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired , about creating the perfect morning routine. We’ll also talk to Vanessa Marin, a licensed sexologist (and a regular Lifehacker Out of Hours program) about why we should give up our routine every now and then and just do it. And Melissa asks Alice about the unusual habits (morning and other) of famous artists. It’s fun! We’re having fun.

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In this episode

Introduction (0:00 – 4:57)

Alice and Melissa discuss their morning routine and what habits they have given up over the years. (Anyone running before sunrise?)

Tell Us What We Don’t Know With Vanessa Marin (5:08 – 11:35)

Lifehacker columnist Vanessa Marin tells us why morning sex can really boost your productivity. (Although, look, even if it can’t, is that really a reason not to?)

Interview with Benjamin Spall (13:27 – 21:14)

Benjamin Spall tells us about how the most successful people start their day and how you can handle your morning routine.

Playlist: songs to start the day (22:13 – 26:28)

Benjamin Spall returns to give us his favorite songs to listen to every morning. How about glowing lips?

Quiz: Don’t Call It Crazy, Call It A Process (26:30 – 40:56)

Melissa asks Alice about the routines of famous creative people, such as when Stephen King starts his writing day, or what Francis Bacon read to help him fall asleep. See Mason Kerry’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work for other daily routines .

Update of the week and credits (43:33 – 49:28)

Alice, Melissa, and Vanessa team up to discuss updates: an IFTTT recipe that links Evernote to your iPhone , brainstorming while walking, and a cheap (but effective) sleep mask .


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