How to Watch SpaceX Launch Telstar 18 Vantage Satellite Tonight

Space X launches a huge communications satellite into orbit tonight, then attempts to land the first stage of a rocket on a drone ship in the ocean. While all of the action will actually take place in Florida, you can also watch it all online.

Starting at 11:28 pm ET, Space X and will be streaming the launch live . The live broadcast will officially begin at 11:13 pm, 15 minutes before take-off, and will last approximately four hours.

According to Space X, ‚ÄúTelstar 18 VANTAGE is the third high-capacity satellite (HTS) in the Telesat global fleet and the first with coverage in the Asia-Pacific region. Its innovative payload will provide Telesat customers with a new level of performance and value to meet the growing satellite broadband needs on land, at sea and in the air … … -orbital tests. The estimated service life of the satellite is 15 years. “

My favorite part of the whole startup? This drone ship is called “Of course I still love you” because of course it is.


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