What to Do If Running Hard and Sucks

The only time I was tempted to buy a shirt at a marathon show was the corresponding line: “I love to run … except when I do.”

Running is hard work, but we do it because in some way it’s worth it. I always feel successful at the end of a run. I love that running makes me stronger, increases endurance and gives me crisp calves. But god, sometimes the moment just hurts . Other times it’s okay, but I’m bored as hell.

If you are just starting out, you are probably familiar with this feeling. If you’re a seasoned runner, it probably still confuses you at times. Here’s how to deal with a bad run.

Start anyway

Real conversation: if you stay at home, you’ll regret it. Even the shittest jog is a pleasure at the very end, when you take the last step and open a bottle of ice cold water, and for the rest of the day you feel just like me , be it “this” epic 20-Miller or jogging around the block during lunch break.

Your lungs and muscles benefit from exercise, whether you like it at the moment or not. Think of miles as money in the bank. Make a deposit today.

Turn on Pep Talk

Listen to something inspiring or calming as you run. I love the tracks on the Nike Run Club app called “Don’t Wanna Run Run” and “Suckcess Run”. Both are designed to help you get through the days of starting a run knowing it will be difficult.

Or consider other sound options. I can’t be dark when I listen to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Find a music, meditation track, or podcast that takes you to your happiest place.

Grind your teeth for ten minutes

The first mile always sucks . Don’t expect to get the best results in the first 10-15 minutes, but try to relax during this time. Run slowly or walk, but just keep moving. After you cover the first mile, things become easier.

Remember (or imagine) your best rides

Okay, maybe it sucks today, but do you have any memories of a time when you did a great run and loved it? (Or even a terrible run where you felt great when you finished?)

If you’re new to running, just think about what you hope to experience while running. Do you see people running in the park and want to feel what they look like with their tail fluttering in the wind? Create in your mind an idea of ​​how you would look and feel in your ideal run. If you have a specific goal – like finishing a marathon – visualize it and take the time to add all the details. Who will hug you at the finish line? Which will you take first, water or a bagel? Or will you just collapse into the grass?

Sure, it can be hot and stifling today and you’re hungry and you’ve never run three miles before and you’re not sure if you can – but you can turn on this mental coil of highlights and take a little inner vacation to rest. a place where things are better.

Give thanks

I find gratitude meditations a little sentimental, but on a tough day, try this: Think of all the things that are going right . Ok, it’s hot, but at least I remembered my water bottle. At least there will be a little shade as I drive a few blocks down the road. At least I found time to jog in the morning so I didn’t have to do it after work.

Hopefully you don’t need to use this tip on your runs next week, but I rescheduled at least one 90-degree run this week, and maybe you too. How is the running going so far? What obstacles have you faced? How do you handle your shitty runs – any tips for the rest?


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