Get Your Calendar in Order This Weekend

There is something about falling that seems like a new beginning to me, even years after I last stepped into class. This is another chance in the new year, the time to put everything in order and set some goals .

In that spirit, thanks to the Girls’ Night In newsletter, here’s a challenge you can add to your weekend to-do list: get your calendar in order . Reads the newsletter:

In addition to birthdays and events, use the calendar to schedule recurring tasks (if you’re using an electronic calendar, set up reminders) to help you stay on top of things you tend to forget about, such as training or cleaning. Take note of vacation commitments to reduce the stress of remembering to plan trips, shopping for gifts, or planning a hearty meal.

Add friends and family birthdays, reminders to call friends and grandmother from time to time, and special memories (for example, I have an annual reminder for my anniversary in New York). Consider scheduling financial detox for a week or month or exercise for 30 days , and periodically checking your finances, goals, and personal inventory days . If you’re planning an international trip for, say, December, you can add reminders to pick up supplies, make a copy of your passport, exchange currency, get a tourist credit card, etc.

Not only is this an easy way to never forget important dates, but it can also help you look at your year in the long term and prepare for upcoming events. I do this on my iPhone, but recently I also got a paper planner. There is something definitely enjoyable about sitting down at my kitchen table and posting all of the activities, activities, and reminders in the mail weekly by mail.

So what are you planning for the new (school) year and how to stay organized? Let me know in the comments, then set an hour for this weekend to get everything on your calendar.


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