The Best Travel Tips for Prague From Our Readers

This week, Hack Your City took a trip to one of those beautiful European cities where buildings still look fresh from the Renaissance. Prague is one of the most popular travel destinations on the continent, so we asked readers for their best tips for less-than-obvious options. We got them, as well as some old standards recommendations in the comment thread . Go there to see the best comments in full, or read some highlights below.

Every Monday onHack Your City, we ask readers for the best tips about the city: driving tips, restaurant tips, entertainment, and any other tips for visitors and locals alike. Then, on Thursday, we present the best comments. We work in the USA and around the world.

Readers Ken.Moromisato , Dhawk777 and Ladislav point to 93 Honest Guide videos about Prague , which you can watch along with this video of 50 Things to Do in Prague:

Know what happened

  • “Be sure to take your over-the-counter medicines with you. The Czech Republic does not allow this without meeting a pharmacist, ”- DiKnight.
  • “DO NOT call this country Czechoslovakia. Technically, you also shouldn’t say “Czech Republic” anymore, as they recently promoted the name “Czech Republic”. – Still life with Re-Animator

Eat and drink

  • “Brasileiro Slovanský dům: What? Would you recommend a Brazilian restaurant in Prague ?! Yes, my friends, this place has a delicious selection of everything you can eat for about $ 17. It’s hidden in the basement of a mall (no kidding, this place was hard to find), but it’s worth it. ”- Dhawk777
  • “Avoid trdelník, the typical street food you see everywhere. The smell of cinnamon is so tempting, but they taste like unleavened dough. ” – LizzieW
  • “If you are looking for a casual meal, I recommend The Fat Cat Pub. The best club sandwich I’ve eaten in Europe and they have some pretty interesting alcoholic milkshakes. ” – Jen
  • “The best food I ate was at the vegetarian restaurant (Country Life, Melantrikhova 463/15 in the Old Town), all food was very cheap and delicious!” – UrbanGardener
  • “Visit Klášterní pivovar Strahov Brewery!” – AverageSedanCommuter

See the city

  • “Evening tour with a rich history: Prague Castle after the onset of darkness” . – three20three
  • “The most important place to visit is Cross Club, a heavy metal bar near the Old Town. Even if you don’t like metal, you need to see this place. It is decorated using old kitchen utensils, gears and wires that mechanically move along the walls, giving the feel of a crazy Mad Max. It’s best to go there around 6:00 pm because the club downstairs will be open but not yet crowded with party people. ” – Daryl
  • “Listen to live jazz at the AghaRTA Jazz Club. Great music is played in the 14th century cellar. Coolest room in the world ”, – steel murkin.
  • “We were lucky to cross the Charles Bridge at about 9 am, when there are fewer people, but during the day try to avoid it if you only want to pass” – lindi_mo
  • “When I returned to the 90s, black light theater was still popular. The best one was Ta Fantastika and it still works. For the uninitiated, black light theater makes the best use of ultraviolet lighting to hide some figures and make others glow. The actors will be dressed in head-to-toe black body suits. But these characters will move objects that glow in ultraviolet light on stage. ”- Jim Phillips
  • “There is an Apple Museum in Prague, and they have one of the largest collections of Apple products” – LadaSoukup
  • “If possible, dress a little and go to the opera at the last minute. You can get discounts (especially for students, for example: ~ $ 2) and all the operas I visited in Prague had English subtitles! “- Dave
  • “The Museum of Communism is cool because the souvenir shop sells super-sarcastic postcards.” – The artist formerly known as …
  • “The National Tech Museum sounds awfully boring, but it’s actually cool. It is full of insane prototypes of cars and unusual planes, as well as strange ephemera from the heyday of Czechoslovakia in the early 20th century as a design center. As a bonus: when you exit the building and walk right across the street, you will find yourself in Letna Park, which has several excellent beer gardens overlooking the city. ”- MLAW76
  • “We were happy to find * three * exhibitions of Alphonse Mucha, and I think they are more or less permanent. You don’t have to travel far in Prague to meet Mucha, ”- Lee Shackleford.
  • “See the Jewish ghetto and synagogues. Hitler was going to build a museum of Jews in Prague (of course, after he killed them all), so the synagogues there are beautiful and have many unique artifacts “- mazzieD
  • “If you have a full day, go to Cesky Krumlov. This is a fairy tale come to life, one of my favorite places in the country. Buses run regularly, check out the Student Agency / Regiojet buses. It takes about 3 hours to get to Prague, but you need a maximum of 4 hours ”, – leafonthewind

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