CleanMyMac X Saves Space, Removes Malware and Speeds up Your Mac

I’ve been recommending CleanMyMac to friends and family for a long time and it gets better with every version. Yesterday was released CleanMyMac X with powerful new tools to optimize and protect your Mac.

The app, which ranges from a $ 40 annual subscription to a one-time purchase of $ 90, is a macOS utility for removing junk, unused, and temporary files. It has expanded to include various optimization tools, including maintenance scripts, disk rebuilds, and the ability to dump various indexes and databases on your system as needed.

One of the reasons I preferred CleanMyMac as my cleaning utility is its security database, which whitelists important files so you don’t accidentally erase them from your system and prevent the app from working properly in the interest of cleaning. CleanMyMac X does not delete important files or disrupt applications, but first asks if it finds something that will probably save you space, but does not want to touch it without your explicit permission.

This version of CleanMyMac also adds malware removal functionality and combines cleaning, optimization and protection features into one quick scan option. Scanning is faster than ever.

I’m also a big fan of his Updater tool, which works with all of your apps and tells you if something is out of date. It works with all updated Sparkle (most third party apps) and Mac App Store apps.

Last but not least, CleanMyMac X is great. The app has always been an elegant app, but this latest release really goes beyond the capabilities of a user interface full of design delights and subtle animations. Better to have something pretty to look at when you tweak your system regularly.

While CleanMyMac X is expensive, and many will argue that you do not need any for cleaning application for the MacOS, the app comes with a free trial version that you can use to find out whether you can use the usual subscription (or a one-time purchase) …


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