Shredded Iceberg Is the Best Salad for Your Sandwich

In a world where recipe makers strive to maximize both flavor and nutritional value, iceberg lettuce has received little attention or praise. While it may not have the pungent arugula flavor or vitamin content of kale, the crushed iceberg actually dominates the sandwich greens.

First, his weaknesses are his strengths. Its subtle, slightly sweet taste – and it does have a scent – quietly delivers a little moisturizing freshness without hiding the spectacle. More importantly, its high water content gives it structural integrity, which, as Helen Rosner notes in her New Yorker article on the subject , “can be maintained even under the most extreme conditions, such as under a layer of guacamole inside a taco shell.” or inside hot ketchup hamburger bun frames. “

But why grind it? I’ll answer your question with a question: Have you ever felt the wet slap of shame that comes with biting a sandwich just to take an entire seasoned leaf with you? Not only is it messy, but with the recent ditch of salad, your sandwich now lacks texture and balance. (Can you imagine a BLT without an L? Tragedy.) The shredded salad stays in place and is just fun in your mouth. There are daring advantages too; Shredded lettuce provides mayonnaise and mustard-free seasonings like oil and vinegar or Italian extra dressing to cling to, which means it’s less likely to soak into bread or slip off a smooth (whole) sheet. Sure, there is a time and place for bolder greens like a vegetable sandwich, but in most cases, a shredded iceberg is a leaf to choose for flavor, texture, and crunch.


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