Store Your Baby’s Shoes in the Car

Toddler shoes: adorable but challenging. Tiny shoes are so … tiny . When my daughter was younger, I found lonely miniature sneakers everywhere – under the couch, in the baskets of toys, at the bottom of my purse. Putting them on the feet of a child was a completely different task. After I manage to secure one of them, it will slip away, and I will remain to chase it with another boot, like an annoyed Prince Charming.

Here’s a trick I learned from other fed up parents: keep your toddler’s shoes in the car. And socks if you like. This way you will not lose them and will be able to put them on the child when he is holding. Just store them in your backseat organizer along with your other essentials for driving (keep them in a separate bag if dirt bothers you). Then, either move your toddler from home to your car (and vice versa), or if you have a garage, make a rug path.

Yes, over time, your child will need to learn how to put on their own shoes. But in cases where you are arguing with several children and need to walk out the door, this setting can save you a few precious minutes. Trust me, the last thing you want to do in the morning is the hunt for tiny Chuck Taylor.


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