How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus Games From Your Console

Each month, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers receive several free games that they can continue to play as long as they remain subscribed to the service. You can request free games directly from their respective consoles, but in order not to forget about them, it is easier to get free games once you know that they are available every month, even if you are not at home. … Here’s how.

Playstation plus

It’s easier to get free PlayStation Plus games on your phone than on your console, as you can get free PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 games in addition to free PlayStation 4 games.

First download the PlayStation app on your mobile device and log into your PlayStation Network account. Then click the PlayStation symbol at the bottom of the screen and select “PS Store” from the menu that appears.

At this point, you should see an option labeled “PlayStation Plus”. Select that, then select Free Games and you will be presented with all the free PlayStation Plus games currently available. Just add them all to your cart and checkout to receive them.

The process is almost identical in a web browser. Just go to the PlayStation Store website and you will see the PlayStation Plus option on the left side of the page. The “Free Games” will be listed on the next page and you can quickly add them to your cart this way.

You can also choose to install recently purchased games on your console while you are away – provided that you have left the console in “dormant” mode and not turned it off completely. Click the profile icon to the right of your shopping cart and select “download list”. Select the game you want to download and simply select Download to PS4.

Xbox Games with Gold

Getting free games through Xbox Games With Gold is slightly different from PlayStation Plus. If all you’re interested in are Xbox One games, the process will only take a few seconds. Open the Xbox app on your mobile device, click the menu icon in the upper left corner and select Microsoft Store.

Scroll right once to find your free games. Select the Xbox One game you want to claim. Once you pick it up, you can select Install on Xbox One to start the download process, provided your console is in Instant On mode and not completely powered off. You will also need to make sure that the ” Keep my games and apps up to date ” checkbox is checked in your console’s system settings.

For some reason, you cannot claim free Xbox 360 games from the Xbox app. Instead, you will have to use a web browser. Go to the Xbox website and select the Games tab at the top of the page.

Scroll down until you see Games with Gold and select it to go to a page listing all currently available free games. Click on an Xbox 360 game that you cannot claim in the app and find the “all downloads” list on the next page. The first option is to let you get the game for free. Click on it – you may have to do this several times – and you can confirm your “purchase”.


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