How to Deal With Stress at Work, Ask Manager Alison Green

Whether you’re dealing with a bad boss or disgruntled employees (or a great boss and passionate employees), you have an opinion on the employer / employee dynamics.

Last week, we asked you, the Lifehacker audience, about your worst bosses , and boy, you told us. In this issue, we read a few points from your comments and emails. Lifehacker managing editor Virginia Smith then talks to Ask a Manager’s Alison Green about everything managers want you to know. Finally, Alice and Melissa discuss an out-of-office answering machine: Does anyone really need one?

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In this episode

Intro and Worst Boss Stories (0:00 – 10:02)

Alice and Melissa discuss their worst boss stories and share some of the most poignant moments from last week ‘s Tell Us .

Interview: Ask Manager Alison Green (11:48 – 28:00)

Alison Green and Virginia Smith discuss bad bosses, set boundaries at work, how to know if you are a bad boss, and more.

Bad hacks (29:26 – 33:49)

Alice and Melissa don’t like auto-reply emails when they are out of work. Stop it. (Fight with us in the comments.)

Torn From Archive: Mike Stabe (34:02 – 38:24)

If your work stress is getting out of hand, it’s time to look for a new job. The best way to meet people in your industry is through networking, but most of us find networking inconvenient at best and painful at worst. This shouldn’t be the case, according to Mike Steib, CEO of the XO Group.

Alison Green: 5 Steps to Becoming a Good Manager (38:34 – 40:35)

Alison returns to tell us everything a manager needs to know to succeed. It solves a management crisis!

Update of the week (41:55 – 48:09)

Levy, Alice, and Melissa discuss the Chess app (calling username levisharpe – he thinks he can beat you), humility and the joy of rejection (bad book).


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