Use Coffee Instead of Water in Chocolate Mixes

It is well documented that I am no higher than using boxed baking mixes, especially chocolate ones. But just because something doesn’t require culinary creativity doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with the settings.

After I posted this ode to boxed mixed brownies – which are flawless – a very good friend on Twitter suggested mixing coffee, not water, into the mixture to make a batter. (Aside from brownies, this will work well with any chocolate blend.) As someone who gets most of their hydration from cold coffee and Diet Coke, I approve, but it’s also ingenious in terms of flavor. Coffee adds depth and nuance, enhances the chocolate flavor, and hides any “processed” aromas, giving the dessert a more home-like quality. Simply substitute an equal volume of coffee for any amount of water required by the box recipe, bake as usual and enjoy.


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