Use Alexa to Find Out Which Food Goes Well With Your Beer

When we think of combining alcohol with food, the first thing that comes to mind is wine. While good wine is great, you can pair your food with beer as well.

As with wine, the more you try to pair your dishes with beer, the more you learn about which tastes go well with each other, and the easier the pairings will become in the future. While you are learning, you can also use Alexa for some tips.

The Brewing Table skill will help you know what foods you should eat with the beer you bought at the corner store.

To use it, ask Alexa to unlock the Skill and then tell her what style of beer you have. The skill will then suggest what you should feed with it.

You won’t get advice on exactly which beer you have in hand, just by style, so your experience may be different. That said, if you’re trying to create your own beer lunch at home, this can be a great resource to help you plan something delicious.


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