Get Monthly Access to Tons of Golf Courses for One Fee With This App

If you are a golf fanatic then you know that being part of a club with a decent course can be a little … expensive. GolfPass – a new service monthly membership / subscription-based mobile application that allows you to pay once and get access to all of the fields for golf in the network.

Members can choose from three different membership levels, each of which gives them credits that can be used to book game time on any of the courses the app works with.

When you arrive for the course, you must register with the iOS app , tell the professional store what time you have chosen, and leave.

The price varies quite widely depending on how much you intend to play. The lower tier of service, called Par (natch), is $ 79, which gives you two credits per month, which is enough for 1-2 rounds of golf per month. The second Birdie tier costs $ 149 and includes four credits, which is enough to play 3-4 sounds a month, while the top tier, Ace, costs $ 189 and includes 8 credits, which is enough to play 6-8 golf rounds a month.

It is worth noting that the service is currently only available in four states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

From what I can tell, you also need to verify your membership before you can actually see which clubs you are going to access, which makes this a bit of a crap. However, depending on what you are currently paying for access, the service could be a hole in one (ha!).


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