Students Can Get Hulu and Showtime for Cheap Via Spotify

Spotify is offering a late summer soothing balm in the form of a very competitive discount for students.

The music streaming service announced on its website that Spotify Premium for Students will include unlimited music and podcasts without ads, as well as access to Hulu Limited Advertisings and Showtime Streaming Service. This is for “higher education” students only; sorry teens and teenagers. You also may not have tried Spotify Premium before or have it now.

So what’s the price tag? The first four months are $ 0.99, then $ 4.99. You will need to prove your educational status through a third-party service called SheerID , which will ask for a document stating “your first name, last name, university name and date of issue from the current academic semester or within the past three years. months. “Hmm, I guess my expired library card won’t handle.

If you already have access to Hulu or Showtime, you can switch your account to Spotify and get your music (and deal) too. Just what college newbies want: more cheap entertainment.


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