Create a Tourist Form

For me, packaging can take several weeks. Once my flight is booked (and sometimes even earlier), I start thinking about all the clothing and accessories I might need to avoid getting stuck in a cold restaurant without a jacket or going to a trendy bar with no brand identity. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s also not the most efficient use of your time.

In fact, this usually means a lot of mental energy and more time than I can afford to pack for the trip, ranging from visiting the house on the weekends (where I’ll mostly hang out in sweatpants and old school shirts. who still fill my childhood dresser drawers) on week-long trips abroad. In the latter case, it probably makes more sense, but it would be nice to simplify the process. Do I really need to take my black cocktail dress with me on the trip to visit a friend in case we go somewhere other than her local watering hole for a drink or two in one night? Probably no.

That’s why I love this suggestion from the Cup of Jo commentator:

“Back in the days of British Columbia (before the baby was born), I was a completely random packer who packed a million things into a bag at the last minute, but now I like to take out the variables and leave space to enjoy the adventure. So, for travel, everything is dark blue. I have two pairs of pants, a simple elastic skirt, a long-sleeved cotton shirt and a cardigan – ALL in navy blue. I always take a pair of dark jeans with me, a bathing suit regardless of the season, and in the summer I wear denim shorts. When I was a kid, we used to dress up for travel, and I had this philosophy. Monochrome clothing is an easy way to be comfortable and collected at the same time, and I prefer navy blue because it is as sophisticated as black, but still a color. ” – Brooke Williams

All blue may seem like a stretch, but I love the idea of ​​simplifying what I take with me on my day to day trips. That way, even if I pack at the last minute, I won’t try to pair more trendy outfits that will lie at the bottom of my suitcase unworn.

When I think about what I actually have and what I wear a lot from, it means: a pair of blue jeans, black jeans and olive trousers, a row of plain shirts, a chambray collared shirt, and a more fashionable jacket. … The key is that everything matches everything else, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time assembling the outfit. And everything is suitable for different weather conditions and for walking / sitting on the bus for hours.

Obviously, if you need to attend a special event or are planning an exotic trip, it will be interesting to collect colorful dresses and accessories that you do not usually wear in your daily life. That’s what vacation is for! But there is a little more to make the process easier and bring the essentials with you, which you know will wear out a little for shorter trips.

Do you have a tourist uniform? Are you still “dressing up” for the flight (that is, wearing anything other than sportswear)? Let me know.


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