Add These Pantry Foods to Your Sour Cream If You Like to Dig in Quickly.

If you’re in the mood for a snack, then sauces are more than just a party – sauces are a way of life. Soaking something salty and crunchy in something creamy is such a pleasant sensory experience that I’ve been known to eat a whole lunch of chips and gravy. Onion sauce is a favorite, but it takes a little time to make it right, so I like to have a few more “recipes” I can whip up to satisfy my sauce cravings.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with dipping flavorful potato chips in plain sour cream – a bit of a reverse sauce – but there are a few pantries you can use to make flavorful, simple, two-way sauces.

Kimchi dip

This sauerkraut, spicy cabbage imparts such flavor that there is no reason to add any additional seasoning. This immersion requires the most “work”, which means you have to break some kind of food processing device, but the resulting snack is worth it to clean up the food processor. For every half cup sour cream, add three ounces of your favorite kimchi. Bring to the desired smoothness level and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.

Miso Dip

The darker the miso, the better your sauce will be. I love this dark aged miso which has a lot of umami so you won’t need a ton of it. A teaspoon and a half is enough for half a cup of sour cream, but you may need a little more if using softer miso. Just add a little, stir with a spoon, try with the tester and add more if needed.

Curry Dip

Curry paste is another tasty pantry item that mixes well with a creamy flavor carrier. I’m a big fan of this red curry paste with lemongrass, ginger and chili , but feel free to go for other styles and flavors. One tablespoon mixed with half a cup of sour cream makes a flavorful sauce for the chips.

Of course, you can add more ingredients if you like, but I never found it necessary. If you need a side dish, a sprinkle of garlic or green onions can lift the plate, but given how quickly I put these sauces in my mouth, I never really bothered about presentation.


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