My AirPods Stay in My Ears Thanks to This Dead Simple Video

On a rumor yesterday that we wouldn’t see second-generation AirPods until Q4 2019 , I went to the Apple store and bought myself a pair. I quickly discovered that I am one of those people who will not be thrilled with the AirPods feeling magically glued to my ears to me. I won’t be able to cycle in the Chicago winter wind or snowboard somersaults to keep them from falling out .

If Apple Ear Pods don’t stay in your ears, so do AirPods. I went looking for a solution. Lifehacker, via MacRumors, suggests using waterproof tape to create friction with the ear , which I don’t want to try as it is too early to give up the continuing usefulness of Sonicare’s little heads. And so on YouTube, where this video confirmed what I already suspected was true: don’t hang AirPods by your ears; rather, press them firmly and then rotate the stem forward about 30 degrees.

Is it so easy that I don’t need a video to tell about it? Yes! Have I already done this? Yes! But sometimes we need someone outside of us to give us advice before we believe him. We need someone to articulate what appears to be personal preference before it becomes a truly bona fide method.

And in general, it works. I don’t know how long it will take before I stop prophylactically re-screwing the pods into my ear, but with a strong shake of my head, they did not budge.

If you have any good AirPod hacks, let us know in the comments. Three Lifehacker employees have new AirPods and we are all looking for gimmicks to make the most of our new toys.


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