How to Get the Harry Potter EBook for Free

Twenty years after it first hit shelves, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone continues to captivate, inspire, and spur companies to start promoting Dumbledore’s Halloween costumes in August. If you haven’t introduced your kids to magic yet, maybe now is the time. For the next two weeks, you can read JK Rowling’s classics for free via Overdrive’s Libby app. All you need is your library card number (or if you don’t have one, you can get one through Instant Digital Card Overdrive).

Once you sign up on the app and select your local library, the Harry Potter promo screen will appear. Click on it and select “borrow”. The eBook will be immediately added to your bookshelf – there are no waiting times or delays – and you can start reading it on your device (Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle and some Chromebooks). It will be available for instant payment until September 10th, and your library’s standard rental period will apply.

At what age do children begin their journey to Hogwarts? It’s in the middle-class reading category, but if you think your child can handle some scary stuff (like a bleeding unicorn and an attacking troll), there’s no reason you can’t read it aloud to even younger kids. Here are our tips for young children to read books and novels .


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