Always Take Screenshots of Your Boarding Pass

Your mobile boarding pass should always be one or two touches away from the home screen. You have a link in email or text messages, or you are sure you put it in Apple Wallet. But this is not always enough when you walk up to the TSA counter, and the Wi-Fi at the airport is crashing. Always take a screenshot.

Taking all screenshots is an indispensable travel companion. (On an iPhone, press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time; on Android, these are usually the Power and Volume Down buttons.) That way, the information you need to have will always be in your photos app. However, your photos are not super-private, say if you give your phone to someone, so consider if you want to keep this information in your camera roll for a long time.

When traveling, consider taking screenshots:

  • Any emails with a confirmation number (such as hotel reservations)
  • Addresses and phone numbers of any person or place you plan to visit.
  • Maps and directions, even if your map app needs to have data available offline, you know better than you should.
  • Any important information that comes to you in an email or text message, or requires a dedicated application to view (even something as simple as a PDF reader).

This is, of course, in addition to taking pictures of street maps, signs, and any important piece of paper that crosses your path. Have everything in your photography app and it will be where you need it.


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