How to Recycle Old Markers in Class for Free

If you or your child this year will be in a class that goes through markers (read: class of any type), then Crayola has an interesting suggestion for you: it will recycle all those old markers for you, even if they were not there. Not made by Crayola.

The Crayola ColorCycle program is designed to “help children understand the importance of their role in protecting the environment.” Through this program, children and teachers at K-12 schools in the US and Canada can collect broken markers and send them to Crayola for recycling. Accepted markers include markers from other manufacturers, as well as dry erase markers and markers.

Crayola provides schools with a FedEx Ground shipping label for shipping markers. Your school only needs to provide a box and markers. Crayola only suggests shipping items when you have at least 100 markers and limited boxes weighing 40 pounds or less.

For now, the service is only available to K-12 schools and not in all areas, but overtime work Crayola says it hopes to expand the program to preschools, home schools and daycare centers. IF you are associated with one of them, Crayola recommends temporarily teaming up with your local K-12 school and ditching them.

It’s an easy, free way to start educating young children on how to recycle while doing something good for the environment.


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