Get Hands-Free First Aid Tips With This Alexa Skill

We all probably know the basics of first aid, like what to do if you get burned or what to do if you cut your finger in the kitchen. However, when it comes time to really use all of this knowledge, it’s easy to question your own abilities. Mayo Clinic has an Alexa skill that can help you stay on track in an emergency and offer tips on how to deal with basic hands-free first aid with Alexa.

As noted on the skill page, and I’m going to emphasize, the skill is “for informational purposes only and should not be used if you are in a life-threatening situation or in a medical emergency. In such situations, seek immediate medical attention. “

However, if you are simply bitten by a spider, are anxious and need to know what to do next, this skill can help point you in the right direction.

Another good option is a virtual nurse who can answer basic health questions you may have, such as “What are the symptoms of heatstroke?” Or “What is the normal temperature of the child?” Again, this is not a substitute for visiting or talking to a doctor, but it can help with those tiny questions that arise throughout the day.


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