How to Buy Baby Clothes Correctly

It is difficult to say what sizes you need to dress your child correctly. Maybe you are a new parent who knows nothing; maybe you have had a short break since your last child and need to freshen up. Or are you a childless person who is about to go to a baby shower with a half dozen newborn sized ball gowns. Put them down and read these tips for choosing baby clothes first.

Reddit thread from r / LifeProTips launched by AU / rock_fact is a hired important thing to remember when you are shopping for clothes for a tiny person who will grow at an astronomical rate. If you have had multiple children, your gift collection will probably meet most needs. Here are a few things to consider as a starting kit.

Increase size

The initiator of the discussion began the conversation with the following sentence: “If you are going to a baby shower, consider bringing with you clothes that are not for newborns and not for babies from 0 to 3 months. A lot of people get clothes in this size and don’t have many options when they grow up to be a child. “

They added that 3-6 months and 6-9 months are great options that should also apply to diapers. This newborn will soon become a solid loaf of a baby, and eventually a toddler. See how narrow the size / age range is to see how quickly this happens.

Some babies, even at birth, are too big for newborn clothing, as u / koolman2 writes :

My son 10: 4 (4.65 kg) immediately switched to three month old clothes. My 8:13 (4.0 kg) daughter wore 0-3 for a month, but the newborn’s size did not fit at all.

It’s easier for a child to grow into clothes than to squeeze a writhing infant into a jumpsuit that doesn’t fit. Get big or go home (with your thoughtful gift).

Consider the season

When will this baby be born? As u / qOJOb wrote, “Count and buy clothes that are appropriate for the season.”

If your baby is due in early August, a sweater for a newborn won’t make much sense. Buy something that your baby will fit in in January. You may be in a place without much seasonal change, but if it gets hot or cold, consider how old your child will be during the most extreme temperatures of the year.

Be practical

Boo, I hate practicality. It’s the same with a lot of people, which is why we get so easily addicted to buying something cute rather than something that really suits or protects the child from the elements. It’s hard to resist adorable sailor clothing when all it takes is a stack of indestructible overalls. But do it – for the baby. U / dns12999 writes:

I am a father of two girls and I advise a girl to shower, especially if she is born in the colder months, buy her pants! Yes, all ruffled dresses are adorable, but my girl barely had any pants because all the women wanted to buy cute dresses.

How dare you accuse women, sir! Especially when we are the ones who are most often drawn to these events. He’s right that you should put the pants on your newborn list because yes, you will need them whatever the weather.

This advice on what to give for both baby and mom comes from someone I bet is a veteran baby shower, u / vivagypsy :

For a baby shower, I usually give bulky overalls in different colors / patterns and sizes, a grass dryer, a large box of cloth diapers to use as burp rags, and a basket to put pacifiers and bottle parts in to hold everything. in them. dishwasher. I get a hell of a lot of rave reviews for my baby shower gifts lol it’s always so practical and helpful. Your child will live in overalls all the time anyway, and you will need a million burp rags. Not to mention, handwashing 8 million bottle parts becomes obsolete FAST, so the basket makes your life so much easier.

When a baby is born, you hit mom with a gift. The child no longer needs shit, but the child has left mom – give her the goods. To do this, I usually do her favorite snacks, 1 or 2 pairs of very comfortable but cute pajamas, some skin care products for the shower and after, as this kind of self-care makes you feel like a person, and not just a napkin made of a cow or a person. and a few “coupons” for free childcare, meals, or cleaning that I do.

Practical and kind. Other practical questions that arose were related to the choice of clothing with zippers or Velcro instead of buttons, because sleep deprivation makes these buttons too difficult. Marked.

Show receipts

Some commenters have said that at this point they are simply handing out a gift card and leaving it up to the parents to decide what they want. If you need to collect something, u / kittifish wrote to attach a receipt to the gift:

It takes 2 seconds to request a gift voucher.

2 days ago I received a newborn slip kit for my 6 day old baby. I couldn’t even interrupt them over her head. But without a receipt, I didn’t even know where the sleepers were from. It’s sad because I REALLY liked them. So thank you for the gift, dear friend, but it is given. Seems like a waste of money no matter how clean the item is.

Have some fun

Hey, if you’re going to buy something impractical, make it fun for yourself. U / naigung wrote:

My wife also gets wacky costume outfits as gifts for people (whichever is coming) because she wants to see if they get uploaded to the internet. 7/7 is already loaded.

They are only tiny and cannot protest being dressed like pumpkins this time.


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