Teach Your Preschooler to Put on a Jacket With a Flip Trick

When you have a preschooler, you realize that simple tasks can be quite challenging. Take a jacket, for example. I always see my parents standing in doorways, holding small coats and windbreakers in their hands and saying: “Right hand! No Another! Okay, now another hand! Stretch! You’re almost there! It’s clear. Now about the buttons. “This is the process.

Let’s encourage these children of our future. Teach them the “flip trick,” an easy way kids can put on their own jackets in just a few seconds. How it works: First, the jacket is placed on a flat surface (ground or table) with the inside facing up. They then make sure they stand next to the top of the jacket, next to the collar or hood. Finally, they put their hands in the armholes and pull the jacket over their heads. Boom. The jacket is already there and they are ready to go.

Watch my daughter demonstrate:

Now you can teach them how to tie their shoelaces . Your job will be done soon.


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