Check Out These Sound Fitness Programs

If you’re already using Audible for audiobooks, you now have a new privilege in your account: access to three fitness programs from Aaptiv , and more in development.

Each program consists of 20 tracks that accompany you with music and the recorded voice of the coach:

  • Walk to Run One Mile starts with walking and makes you run towards the end of the course. All sessions are up to 25 minutes long, with some focusing on strength or stretching rather than just running.
  • 5K Training is exactly what it sounds like. Some of the workouts are endurance-focused (although all activities under 35 minutes are not very long), while others include speed exercises to keep you fun and help you run faster.
  • Daily Meditation is a series of meditation tracks that start with five minute sessions and last up to 26 minutes.

Programs are leaving Audible on September 5 of next year (2019), even if you’ve already completed half of the course, so plan accordingly. Plans are $ 19.99 if you’re not an Audible member, or they’re free with your subscription if you are.


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