What Would You Like You to Do in College?

When you are in college, you may feel like every choice will shape the rest of your life. Or you can enjoy your freedom by partying, playing video games, and scheduling classes at 11 a.m. so you can get some sleep. You can do it all at once! So, for the good of everyone who is going (or returning) to college, we want to know: what do you want you to do differently in college?

It’s orientation week for freshmen at Lifehacker! This week, we’ll share how to break out of the summer fog and plunge into the autumn burst of activity, whether you’re heading to campus for the first time, getting your kids ready for school, or looking for ways to simply be more productive in school . So buckle up your Velcro Trapper Guardians, apprentices. The class is now in session.

I would like to work more on student films. There was no film program in my school, but we did have an amateur club and I could have made much more progress on what would become an important part of my career. I would also like for me to actually practice for those piano lessons that I added as an elective with one credit.

On the financial site Motley Fool, the authors list a number of college regrets . You had to be more social, another study-focused, another career-focused. It may seem like there is no way to win, but the main theme is this: use the opportunities and privileges that are given to you. You may feel like you have too many options, but the most important is that you choose whatthat. Don’t miss piano lessons to play Counter-Strike like I did.

Lifehacker readers, what would you like to do in college? What are you glad you did?


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