Reduce Jet Lag by Doing This Airline Approved Landing Workout

When you travel to a different time zone, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with the time zone changes. Long flights can be difficult for your body due to the fact that you are just “sitting in a small chair for a long time.” If you add a huge time shift, travel can take even more damage to your body.

Delta recently teamed up with Equinox to create a workout that can help combat this problem. This is a promo for their new A350 aircraft, which should shorten jet lag times, but you can do it no matter what plane you fly to your destination.

The workout is divided into four parts, and all four can be done in a hotel room without the need for additional equipment or anything special. You can do one or all three exercises for a total workout of 30 minutes. It is recommended that you do your workout 12-24 hours after arrival.

These are all fairly minor, and are intended to help kick-start neuromuscular adaptations and awaken your senses after a long journey.

Want to try? Watch a video detailing all four workouts below:


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