Use This Trick to Quietly Close Your Hotel Door

When I travel, I usually prefer not to go out late and sleep as much as possible in the morning. And my boyfriend loves to get up at 7 am and start the day. By the time it was time for my real awakening, he had time to eat breakfast, explore the area around the hotel, and comfortably fiddled with his laptop, waiting for me to finally join life.

From our stay at the hotel, I learned one fact: all doors in hotels are loud.

To be honest, my biggest problem tends to be with the people who live near us who just let their doors slam shut when they walk in and out of their rooms at any time of the day or night, but the actual door to the room is also sometimes can be a little problematic. Travel blogger Johnny Jet recently posted a fix video in which a keycard is used to “unlock” a door before it closes and then slowly closes.

YouTube: Johnny Jet

Practice eliminates that loud click you usually get when you close your hotel door, although it can still be heard. So while it won’t make your exit completely invisible, if you’re left lightly asleep and want to escape the room for a while, it might make your exit a little less focused.


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