You’ve Probably Misused the Can Opener

There are some things that will never be replaced by an attachment, and the rugged, hand-powered can opener is one of them. Unfortunately, we are all too busy learning coding or whatever to practice our skills at home and no one knows how to use them.

I watched this 30 second video posted on Reddit by u / dengerenger and my whole world was blown up. Unsurprisingly, a can opener always pops out halfway through, and shards of metal stick out at random! No wonder I have to rip off the last thread of the lid with a butter knife! It all makes sense!

This is how I oriented my can opener:

And here’s how you should orient the can opener:

You are not cutting the lid; you are kind of cutting off the head of the can, working horizontally, not vertically.

Wow. Well, I never doubt the wisdom of a cowboy eating a can of beans by the fire again. It is simply the lightest food. Especially if you know how to open a can properly.


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