Make Friends Give up MoviePass and Sinemia Will Give You $ 10

As MoviePass continues to struggle, starting today, existing Sinemia customers may have some incentive to convince their friends to leave the ship and join Sinemia instead. A new program from the company gives users a $ 10 credit for every friend they persuade to cancel their MoviePass subscription (or another movie subscription service, they all count) and subscribe to Sinemia instead.

The principle of operation is quite simple: all existing Sinemia users will receive their own unique referral code. You can find yours by launching the app and selecting Profile and then Invite a Friend. When your friend signs up, he or she will need to download proof that they are switching from another movie ticket subscription service, either by downloading their old service’s debit card or by providing their card number for the old service.

That’s all. If all goes to plan, both you and your buddy get $ 10 each. This money can be used to buy a future subscription, or it can be used (soon) to buy popcorn from the app. Even without a valid deal, you already get $ 5 for referring a friend. The difference here is that you double your cash and your friend gets some money too.

If you’re unfamiliar, Sinemia offers similar capabilities to MoviePass with a few differences. The biggest difference is that with the app, you can purchase movie tickets in 30 days. This means you can buy movie tickets on opening night and reserve seats without even going to the theater, unlike MoviePass, which requires you to buy tickets in person on the day of the show.

Plans start at $ 3.99 per month for one movie ticket per month and go up to $ 14.99 for 3 tickets per month for individual plans. The 3-per-month plan also includes 3D and IMAX-4DX films. They also have family plans where you can buy multiple tickets for the same movie at the same time. All plans must be purchased one year in advance. They offer a no-obligation option, but there is a $ 19.99 start-up fee, which seems silly to pay for the $ 3.99 a month service, but they do whatever works for you.

I signed up for the service about a month ago when they ran a promotion that also got you $ 25 a month on when you sign up, and so far so good. It’s a little more expensive than MoviePass, but looks much more stable.


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