How Long Should Your Shorts Be?

Male website of GQ, which is pretentious, but deserves, find the correct length of men’s shorts . Length depends on two factors: your objective height and how well you feel your hips. GQ has a simple table to convert these two measurements to your ideal shorts length. You will have to click to see it, because we are too good to steal it.

As GQ points out, the old two inches above the knee rule is simplistic and outdated. Men’s fashion is more tailored, tighter, more cropped than before, and short shorts are back in fashion as our summers get hot and our planet is slowly killing us. Keep that in mind when you rip off late summer sales and stock up on next year’s stocks that will definitely break as many weather records as they did this year.

But personal preference prevails, and if you live up to the body standards defined by the garment industry, you have options for shortsthat are only suitable for casual wear, and shorts that will not cause confusion in the office, but will prompt your colleagues. to ask if you left your bunches at home.

So much for men. Everyone else should wear what they like, but if you want to follow the GQ rules, you can subtract a couple of inches. These calculations are all compiled, and the real point is to realize the importance of how you feel in your shorts .

Shorts Science: Formula for Perfect Shorts Length | GQ


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